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Design made easy

Great app!

A Designed Life 💗

I love this app! It’s easy to use, and you can create all kinds of creative and colorful designs quickly and painlessly. I love all the color palettes, especially the color ombrés and the pastels. I’ve been able to make all kinds of super stylish images fliers and pages for all sorts of things in both my personal and professional life. there are plenty of free features, but the extras are affordable and I’ve found to be worthwhile. I’d heavily recommend this app as well the Color Story app to anyone, i use them both so much every day I don’t remember what life was like without it now, hehe! Looking forward to any more future apps, I’d download in a heartbeat. Thank you!

Love it!

Easy to use & thumbs up on what I can create!! Love this app

Easy to use! So useful!

Great app for content creators!

I Like A Design Kit

Though there are many nuances I intend to explore, it is easy to get going with it. I posted a photo with text quickly and will use this steadily.




So many cool things to do. Of course it would be nice to not have to pay so much for the extras but hey, I get it.

I love it

I love using this app. Easy and modern but I do think there should be more background options

Love it

It’s really good!!


Love it If you like photos and or design. Worth while purchase. Good interface and so far no lag/freeze.

Súper esta aplicación

Me encanta quiero aprender cada día a usarla más .

Cutest Stuff. Easy!

Easiest photo editing app I’ve used. Also no annoying pop ups or ads which is crazy compared to others too.


if you’re into the whole sticker/drawn on picture aesthetic, you need this app

Good App

I like the app to edit pictures and such. I would say the only minor issue is adding and editing text. Also, great if they add more fonts (cursive).

Fun and easy to use!

Great app with so many fun editing options!

I wished it had frames

9-29-28 It’s a pretty good app to add stickers to your photos. The brushes are ok but it kind of hard to write with them on both iPhone and iPad. The fonts are ok but needs more. The only other thing I wish is to have the option to add frames to your photos.

Great app

I enjoy using this app to add nice touches to my pictures

Love this app

In app purchase but I love the designs and text to use for pics

So Fun!

Love dressing up my pics and lately I have been using it to decorate pictures and then sending as a birthday wish. Love it!

Nice app

Easy functional and interesting.


This app is my fav along with color story!

Fun and more fun!

I’m having a blast doodling with this app!

Unique app for social media

This app allows me to really spice up my posts on my IG business account. Get it! Now

Great app

Perfect for my social media pages and blogs

💋 I love it!!!

This app is amazing I totally recommend it for its amazing ness! I mean, if you want to buy stuff, okay you do that! But if you don’t want to there are still plenty of choices! That’s the balance I look for in apps! I hope this product is never bad and people always keep using it!!!!!

Great App

I love this app so many things you can do and there are a lot of free stickers you can use. Worth the payment:)

Love this app!

This is such a fun app and great for me to use as a yoga instructor and a high school teacher- everything I design for class is so much more fun and on trend with my students!


Its everything I love about A Color Story and then TYPE!!! With all the stickers and other features I think it just takes my IG to another level.

Makes instagram more fun



Amazed but not surprised!! Thank you for making my creative dreams come true!

Great colors

Easy to use


Easy to use, cute stickers, great fonts too!


Such a beautiful designed app! Super user friendly and so many design options


Just what I’ve been needing! Great app for adding just the right personal touches.


Like, so good

I was hesitant

I was hesitant to spend money on this.. there are so many apps like this on the market but I needed to make cute title pages for a project and decided to try it out, and I’m so glad I did. Not cheesy like I was expecting, all the stickers are so adorable! Extremely user friendly as well. My favorite thing is the colors/gradients. Give me marble for all my text!


So. Much. Fun!

Great app, but a little pricey!

I think the app is really great - Lots of really cool effects and stickers. My only criticism would be that this app and a color story can get a little pricey for all the different filters and effects. But I do love both apps - a lot fun to play around with.


Awesome app!!!

Designer behold

This fabulously easy convenient app. Great for fast drafts especially


Very beautiful fonts and designs

Easy to use photo editing app

Well with the price

Good app

I absolutely love that app, but I would have given it five stars. wish it had the ability to curve letters in the text.


It’s so cute!

Love it!

Love the personal touch of design I can add to my photos quickly and efficiently. Takes things up a notch!

Add Zoom Feature

I love using this app and the options it presents. I do wish there was a zoom feature when trying to add small edits to photos. Other than that, it’s a great app. Love the ABM team and everything they put out!

The best

Seriously this is essential if you want your posts and stories to stand out!!!

Love it!

So much fun to edit plus it gives you the ability to add a little flair to your photos.


Love this app💜 I use it a lot for FB posts on my business page for a pop of pretty colors and interesting visuals. 11/10

so fun!

such a fun app to edit pictures! would definitely recommend along with all other apps from this company!

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