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Great for fun, creative edits

Two thumbs up to the Color Story team!

Looovvveee this app

I’m OBSESSED with this app!!!

About average I guess

Have iPhoneX. I see no way to purchase the option for all add-ons. As a basic photo editor ok. Wouldn't mind spending money for extra features, but don't want to purchase them individually. Any answers?


The app is great but it wants me to buy stuff like prints for the words . The rest of the prints are sooo ugly

In love 😍

I absolutely love it!

Thumbs up

Fun little app. Intuitive and easy to use. I downloaded it on a whim and actually use it more than I thought I would. The only thing I’d like them to add are more stickers - maybe animals? Otherwise, really happy with it.

I’m not sure about this.

Tbh I don’t think this should be a separate app from A Color Story. The toggling back and forth is bad. I like this app but never use it because I mostly use text on photos for Instagram stories and this is too cumbersome to open just for stories. Especially since IG stories has several different fonts and backgrounds now. The fonts and backgrounds in A Design Kit are better but i honestly don’t feel like switching over apps from IG to A Design Kit so I mostly skip it. Also, the cropping for IG stories is wrong. It doesn’t work. It looks right on the front page of the app and then when you click through to actually add text, it is the wrong size for a story. If I put text too close to the edges it doesn’t show up on IG stories unless I resize the photo to only take up a small portion of the page. Basically it crops too short and wide for IG stories, at least on an iPhone 7+. I also think there should be way more background and font options.

Love this app

Great app


This app has been put to great use in my boutique!

I like it

I think A Color Story is really on top of the Instagram feed goal thing. Their filters are really cool. This sidekick of an app is really a great little addition to their apps. A Color Story has a good eye on trend forecasting with their party of apps. One thing though, I wish it wasn't directly targeting a female audience. The stickers are not really usable because I am a guy but I like the backgrounds. The silver and gold backgrounds are my favorite. Guys like color and if you made some filters and stickers geared at guys, I would love your apps. Still a great suite. I have Been using your paint splashed stickers and metallic backgrounds like crazy. Come out with a set of filters for guys. I'll be the creative director if you want.....lol

Love it!

Very basic but i love it!

So easy and fun.

The missing link in text to photo applications. I could do this for hours.

Love It!!

Super easy way to create very trendy graphics for Instagram and my website. It’s the best!!

thank goodness for this app!

A Design Kit basically gives you all the creative power none of the other iPhone apps offer. ABM nailed it again (if you don’t have A Color Story yet what are you even doing with your life - go download it NOW!).



Fun and easy

An easy and simple app to make some fun designs with my own photos.


I have been waiting for this to come out since I first heard! I have their other 2 apps and it’s the only photo apps I use! This app is everything I wanted and more! The brushes are AMAZING! Well worth the money... you will not regret it!

Love it so far


Loving this app

Excellent app

Love it!

I’m a dude and I dig how much this inspires me to get artsy with my images. Please keep the tools coming!


Love this app for making my instagram stories a little more festive! The color options for brushes/text and all the stickers are so fun!



Stylish app!

This app makes it fun to design posts!


My fav app of 2018

Versatile and Fun

Love this app, countless options and inexpensive add ons

Really Close - and some simply great!

Love a lot here - and although the additional packs can be individually expensive, they are quite simple to understand and select a la carte. I would immediately give a 5 with the addition of two features: - the ability to outline or shadow text and independently blur background for legibility when text is the emphasis. - the ability to layer, not necessarily blend, an image on one of the background bases. For layering, I’d use a different app, but a simple layer would be desirable.



The Best Design App

Thank you so much for being so creative and amazing!!

Old Retired

It’s flexible and easy to use.

This app is 👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

I use this for everything!!! It’s easy and has great backgrounds 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

New Favorite Editing App

Best on the market hands ⬇️💯

Love it!

Easy to navigate! So fun, bright and creative. I love the big brush option and the cute stickers!


This app is amazing! So easy to use, user-friendly, very intuitive, and so fun! Together with A Color Story, they’re the perfect set for editing and designing my beautiful pictures to keep as memories or post on Instagram. Totally recommend 👍🏼

Wonderful app

I recommend this app for people that have graphic design needs.

A design kit

I absolutely love this app and have had many many similar ones. This is by far the best. Simple to use yet great options but not sooo many that its mind boggling. Extremely user friendly. I already have recommended to many friends.

Cute editing!

So this app is super easy to use, nicely designed, and has a diverse set of tools to make your pictures insanely cute! I can’t wait to see what they’ll add next. New textures?! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


I’ve been using this app all day to design awesome graphics for the Pure Barre studio! LOVE the rose gold!

A great addition!

I absolutely love this new addition to the Color Story App! Great features and lots of fun!!!!

Fantastic app

This is by far one of my favorite apps for Instagram stories. I have been using a color story for a while, this app is the perfect complement !


I thought by the description that this app did more; had more to offer. I find it limited in creative potential. If you consider yourself to be creative, this app is not the one you want.

Very minimal

Okay, but $2.99 for the app basically buys you the opportunity to spend more money on filter packs.

Not much to play with/ mess with

The isn’t much variation or uniqueness ? Don’t like it

Design Kit

Love it. It’s not Photoshop, but that’s kind of the point. Level of difficulty is easy and intuitive. Wonderful App for graphic design novices. As an experienced Photoshop user, this App is the “Missing Piece”. I have wanted on occasion to embellish photos of grandchildren, special occasions.....But pics just sit in Photos without me ever getting around to transferring to laptop or desktop, open a Photoshop page, etc...... Overkill for a quick “memory” picture. Wow! With Design Kit, I can easily scroll through my pictures or go to an Album. You get a full page of your Photos, not a tiny window. Choose the pic and embellish away! I was surprised at the amount and quality of the features you get with the Basic Package. After I had used it a while, I spent $2.00 on brushes and access to simple, basic Designer creations. Worth it. I am now using it to make quick design sketches on an image I’ve taken a screenshot of that has ideas for for my home design. No more scribbling notes all over the picture to remember my ideas. I just create my ideas immediately on the screenshot image. *Get it. -Makes sharing memories a lot more fun. -Gives me super easy, immediate accessibility to create design ideas on the fly. *Not expensive at all, for what this App does. TNThill5

Perfect for Instagram stories

Love using it for my bookstagram stories!

‏Excellent and beautiful

Wonderful and distinctive


This was the missing piece to everything I could want with a photo editor. Loveeeeee.

Fave for quick social updates



In addition to using for my own insta-things, I do some social media stuff for a small organization and I am using this app DAILY. It’s versatile and user friendly. Love it.

Great App

With my initial download there were actually a few bugs but I reached out to the support team who has been great about not only responding quickly but proving ongoing help, feedback and follow up. Love this app, there is nothing like it out there!

It’s da bomb yo! :)

My favorite app ever!

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